What Happens with a Cannabis Overdose – Signs and Symptoms

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Marijuana use is a process that means something a little different for each user. While some, after long testing in the form of “trial and error”, it is clear which method of use suits them best, others may look for the right form in which to receive cannabis for several years.

The human body is different for each person, so while someone can vaporize the clock without much difficulty, it is possible that after eating only a small amount of food enriched with cannabis, this user will experience conditions that he has not even dreamed of.

THC tolerance also varies depending on the form in which it is administered. And so it is no wonder that even an experienced user can easily overdose on marijuana.

But what happens to marijuana overdose? What are the signs and symptoms of marijuana overdose and more specifically THC? More in our short article on the effects of marijuana in overdose.

Marijuana, therefore, with dried cannabis flowers, contain substances known as cannabinoids. These include known THC and CBD but also dozens of others, less known such as CBN, CBG or THCA. In addition to cannabinoids, we can also find terpenes, terpenoids or plant dyes (Chlorophyll) in cannabis.

Marijuana is therefore the carrier of these substances and the resulting state – i.e. the effects – that it brings to its user depends not only on the method of use but also on their composition.

It is generally known that marijuana varieties with a high THC content have a rather euphoric effect, mainly in the user’s brain, while CBD has a rather sedative effect and acts mainly in the user’s body, nervous system and immune system.

Cannabis growers, with different proportions of these substances, try to achieve more balanced and cleaner states that cannabis can mediate. Homemade bongs also give stronger highs. But how do we know that we have overdosed on these substances? Read on.

Symptoms and signs of marijuana overdose.

The effects of marijuana can appear after a few minutes after ingestion. However, if you add marijuana to food and then consume it, the desired condition can appear at any time within 30-90 minutes of ingestion.

This is quite a long time during which weaker individuals can give the impression that nothing is happening and have another handful of cakes with this dried herb.

This error is common especially for novice users who do not yet know their body well enough and what tolerance they have for cannabis.

When consuming cannabis or marijuana where you do not know the strength, it is always necessary to remain extremely careful, mainly because you do not know the strength of the herb and it could surprise you very unpleasantly.

But it is important to keep in mind that cannabis overdoses will not kill you , but you will probably have a lotan awkward moments with yourself – inside his head .

In extreme cases, these effects can cause panic or paranoid states, and it is necessary to remain calm and endure until the condition subsides .

However, if unpleasant conditions persist, do not hesitate to contact medical help. It is not a shame to admit that you have used a large amount of cannabis and you are not mentally or mentally well. Regardless, every doctor should make sure that you return to the so-called normal state as soon as possible.

Notwithstanding the fact that the use of cannabis for one’s own use is permitted in this country. Below is a list of the first symptoms by which you may notice that your body already has more cannabis than necessary.

So if you are feeling well, there is definitely no need to add more THC to your body. If you are not so experienced, do not be afraid to start small and do not be forced to consume unnecessarily large amounts.

Dry mouth – Cotton mouth

Dry mouth after smoking a joint or a glass bong is something that every cannabis user has probably encountered. But not everyone knows that just a dry mouth and red eyes are one of the first signs that your body is starting to have an excess of cannabinoids. Thus, an overdose begins.

Dry mouth is the result of the action of THC on the nervous system, which affects the digestive system, and therefore the production of saliva in the mouth. Simply put, behind dry mouths is a large amount of THC in the body.

Extremely slow reflexes and actions

Most marijuana users take smoking joints as a kind of relaxation. There is no hurry for that. In addition, it is a well-known fact that after smoking or other use of marijuana, the body takes a significantly longer time to respond to an impulse.

This can be nice if you want to stretch out on the sofa and relax, but it can be very dangerous in case of driving or other activities that require extra attention . So watch your body and if you feel too tired, take it as another sign of marijuana overdose.

Paranoia and poor mental state

If you feel unwell, anxiety or feel sick after vomiting cannabis and vomit, be sure not to take any more marijuana . You are probably experiencing severe cannabis intoxication or something added to it. In this case, it is best not to panic. Stay calm, most of these feelings will go away in a matter of minutes within a few minutes and you will be left with only fatigue.

However, if you feel sick the next day, either physically or mentally, do not hesitate to seek professional help or see your doctor. Don’t be afraid to admit what happened to you and tell him you overdid it with cannabis.

At the first moment, the doctor should start to take care mainly to improve your condition and possibly decide whether further medical care is needed, for example in a hospital.

However, if you want to prevent similar conditions, just follow the basic …

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