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That base is the key. Beaker bongs are a classic water pipe with a wide bottom that offer increased stability and a smooth smoke. Beaker bongs are more durable than straight tubes, which makes them less susceptible to being knocked over by cats. One advantage to beaker bongs is that they can hold more percs, which are short for percolators. Some percs won’t work in a straight-tube water pipe. This is why the large base of a beaker bong can make it easier to use a particular perc. Because there is more space to design with, both the beaker bongs and their cute little cousin, bubble bongs, allow for more creativity and variety. To increase stability, some designs have a lip or ring. A beaker base is a great option if you are looking for unique pieces of glass. We have a large selection of beaker bongs, water pipes and other accessories that are very popular with Smoke Cartel customers. This curation includes basic and complex beaker bongs as well as those with extra percs.

Quality is also important. The reclaim will be of higher quality if it has a higher quality original concentrate. It will still have an unpleasant taste because the terpenes from the burn were not zapped. You can collect your reclaim using a dab rig in two ways. First, drain the water from your dab rig. Next, pick up the small goldish clumps. There won’t likely be any as most of the reclaim is stuck inside your device. Melting it is another way to get reclaim. It is important not to heat it too much as you do not want the cannabinoids to go. To make your rig even cleaner, add some isopropyl alcohol to the melting reclaim. After collection, there are three options for how to dispose of reclaim: you can either dab, eat, or throw it away. It will taste far less good than the original dab. Reclaim is already decarboxylated so you can eat it straight away. To mask the unpleasant taste of reclaim, however, it is recommended to consume it with something more flavorful such as grapes or Reeseā€™s cups. You can infuse foods with reclaim to completely eliminate that unpleasant taste.

You’ve probably smoked cannabis from a pipe before. This substance is called resin, and it’s the residue left behind after you smoke cannabis flower. Reclaim is a similar substance that forms in your dab rig after you smoke concentrates. However, instead of resin this sticky yellow/gold/brown substance is formed. Reclaim is best described as the re-condensed form of cannabis concentrates left behind after a dab sesh. Reclaim is the cold, solid substance that has been left over from hot oilsy liquid. The walls, base and bottom of the dab rig or dropdown are coated with Reclaim. It also absorbs water. Cannabis extracts are oils, and as we all learned in second grade science class, oil and water do not mix. Is it possible to smoke reclaim cannabis? Great question. It is safe to consume Reclaim. And yes, it will make you high. According to MCR Labs, a state-certified cannabis testing lab in Massachusetts, reclaim still has the main active cannabinoids that promote physiological changes. Reclaim can be smoked, and you will get high, but not the most pleasant or enjoyable.

Perhaps you are curious about the etiquette of smoking marijuana. Let me clarify what the author meant by answering that question. It is not intended to identify or label any particular subculture of marijuana smokers. This is not an attempt to establish the same exact rules Emily Post gave to Society as Moses at Mt. Sinai. This book is a collection of guidelines that conscientious users of marijuana should follow when they are consuming it in large groups. You are more likely to have the same bad habits that your friends who smoke sluggishly. You may feel dumb for trying to make your new learned behavior acceptable when you smoke outside your circle. The website provides all necessary information to make an easy transition into marijuana smoking. This website will help veterans who have been a bit careless in the past to avoid major mistakes while enjoying the blessings of marijuana smoking with their friends. These are just guidelines that can help you build your knowledge and skills as a responsible smoker. Every person is different, which is okay.

Our complete guide on concentrates is available here. Concentrates don’t necessarily have to be arranged in a certain order. You can use any of these products for your dabs. Concentrates with a more rigid nature are preferred for dabbing, because they have an easier time keeping the perfect position on the rig. What is the process for making dab concentrates? Concentrates are stored at low temperatures and high pressure. It is possible to vary the temperature and pressure specifications depending on what consistency you want. These differences are what result in the different products mentioned above. Carbon dioxide can be used in a similar way. Co2-based oils are generally considered safer. It produces a discrete, odorless oil that can be distinguished from BHO.

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Shatter is a solid but sticky cannabis concentrate that breaks off into smaller “glass shard” like pieces. These are very easy to grab. Break a part when dabbing. Although honeycomb wax is similar to shatter, it forms tiny holes when dried. These bubbles look very much like honeycombs. Any oil that is extracted with a mixture of pressure and Co2 will be called Co2 oil. It can be runny or very soft. It may look similar to honey. Another broader term that refers to any extract consisting of a concentration of THC.

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