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Valchiusella, mini serra di cannabis in casa. Debunciati due coniugiThe former mayor of Adelanto, who led an ambitious push to show excessive wilderness directly at a hub for marijuana businesses, was arrested on Friday and charged with accepting kickbacks and kickbacks from cannabis operators. Rich Kerr, 64, was taken into federal custody without incident Friday morning when prosecutors uncovered a indictment that includes seven counts of honest services wire fraud and two counts of bribery. Kerr is accused of accepting more than $ 57,000 in illicit funds from entrepreneurs in exchange for their help in ensuring they obtain the necessary permits and licenses to run various marijuana operations in the city. The cash, prosecutors alleged, was disguised by Kerr and his accomplices as gifts, donations to a charity or Kerr's election campaign and other ruses. Kerr, who served as Mayor of Adelanto from 2014 to 2018, came under suspicion by authorities while still at the workplace. In 2018, federal brokers served search warrants at Kerr's home, City Hall and a neighborhood marijuana dispensary.

Kerr is the second Adelanto elected official to be charged with taking bribes for fast track marijuana companies. In 2017, then-acting Mayor Jermaine Wright was indicted for a similar scheme. As mayor, Kerr was a strong advocate for opening up the city to legal marijuana operations. He voted to allow the city to grow marijuana, the operation of medical marijuana dispensaries and a variety of different industrial marijuana activities, according to the indictment. His support, prosecutors allege, was due no less than in part to his need to enrich himself. According to an indictment released by a grand jury this week, Kerr took advantage of his position as mayor to vote to pass metropolis ordinances that helped pay people and he served on the Advancement Cannabis Dispensary Permit Committee, which determined the variety of permits that can be issued. and which candidates would get them. Prosecutors did not name the people who allegedly had been bribing and conspiring with Kerr. One of them is considered to be a lawyer who was identified within the indictment as "Person A". Two others, "Person C and" Person D, "had interests in businesses in the city, including those related to marijuana cultivation, prosecutors said. At a meeting in November 2016, the Adelanto City Council discussed a proposed ordinance that may help decide where marijuana dispensaries could be located.The preliminary proposal referred to as for two zones would have excluded an old restaurant purchased two months earlier by Private A and his partner. Throughout the council's discussion, Kerr efficiently pushed to vary the limits to include the outdated restaurant. The plans that Person A and his spouse presented to the city known as for the building to be renovated with "elongated gross sales counters", a "distribution room", "cashier" and "security room", alleges the accusation. It was not clear from the prosecution if he ever opened as a dispensary.

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LA PINE, Ore. (AP) – Jack Dwyer pursued the dream of returning to earth by relocating in 1972 to an idyllic, tree-filled parcel of Oregon with a stream running through it. Dwyer said. During the many years that followed, he and his family did just that. However, Deer Creek has now dried up after a series of illegal marijuana crops sprang up in the neighborhood in the final spring, stealing water from the creek and nearby aquifers and putting Dwyer's future in doubt. From dusty towns to forests in the western US, illegal marijuana growers are drinking water in uncontrolled quantities when there is usually not enough for everyone or even licensed customers. Conflicts over water have been around for a long time, yet illegal marijuana farms, which proliferate despite legalization in many western states, include thestress during extreme drought. In California, which legalized recreational marijuana in 2016, there are still more illegal cannabis farms than authorized. some, according to the Cannabis Research Heart at the University of California, Berkeley.

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