How To Grow Purple Cannabis

Marijuana plants tend to be green in hue. At the minimum we’re used of seeing them in this color. Cannabis strains can even be purple whether or it’s not. Purple marijuana varieties are becoming more well-known in recent times.

Although the color is attractive however, the large amounts of THC found in purple marijuana buds are a major reason for its popularity. It’s also more powerful than normal marijuana. All you must know about the unique purple cannabis buds can be found here.


What Causes Purple Cannabis Buds?

Most marijuana varieties are green, therefore why do some have a purple hue? Cannabis buds can naturally alter hue based on the conditions where they are grown. If marijuana is grown outdoors in cold temperatures it happens by itself.

The change in color is due to a pigment known as anthocyanin. Anthocyanin is produced when chlorophyll, which is the pigment that gives plants their green color, is broken down by freezing temperatures. Anthocyanin is present in the plant, however it appears green because chlorophyll is more abundant. Anthocyanin’s effects can be only visible after the chlorophyll has died.

The colour of the plant currently depends on the anthocyanin pH level. It could be purple, red, or blue. If you have a pH level of cannabis buds is neutral, they turn purple.

This natural phenomenon has caught the interest of marijuana users and gardeners and now it is possible to grow purple cannabis in normal conditions. Buds leaves, leaves, trichomes pistils, and trichomes are just a few instances of marijuana plant elements that can change color to purple. The leaves of the plant can turn purple, while buds remain green and vice versa.

The plants are exposed to freezing temperatures for long periods of time. No matter how beautiful the plant appears, its leaves are removed after the harvest. This is why growing marijuana with the purple buds as well as green foliage is the goal.

Purple marijuana buds are linked to a variety of health benefits due to their large amounts of anthocyanin. It is believed that they have the ability to improve the health of your heart and provide relief from pain. Additionally, the large amounts of anthocyanin found in these buds suggest they are antioxidants and anti-inflammatory.

How to Grow Purple Cannabis the Right Way and the Wrong Way

These simple steps will enable you to grow an incredibly strong weed with high levels of THC regardless of whether you find the hue of purple appealing or not. It is important to note that there are plenty of incorrect instructions for growing purple varieties on the web that we do not recommend. To achieve the color purple over a period of time, these methods require depriving the plant oxygen and then dazzling it with freezing temperatures. This won’t be effective.

To achieve the desired shade of purple, it’s not a good idea to apply food coloring too. This is a method to avoid at all cost since an unwise approach to growing purple cannabis buds could degrade the quality of the plant and reduce its production. This is probably not what you’re looking for.

Purple cannabis varieties should be grown this way. You will not only get the desired results if you adhere to these guidelines and guidelines, but you’ll also receive high-quality marijuana buds.

Everything starts by planting the correct seeds.

You’ll require the right seeds to grow purple marijuana buds successfully. Seeds that have the genetic ability to turn purple are needed otherwise, your efforts will go to waste. The levels of anthocyanin in the seeds should be very high (the pigment that also creates blueberries’ beautiful purple hue).

In terms of period, chlorophyll starts to decrease in autumn and winter months when daylight hours are less. Anthocyanin is in charge and creates its color at this point. This is why the next step is to create the perfect environment for growing the purple cannabis buds.

To allow to see the marijuana plant to turn purple, it requires cool nights and warm days. It is recommended to aim for an average temperature difference of 30 degrees. The temperature at night is about 50 degrees Fahrenheit at blooming period (10 degree Celsius).

Around 15 days prior to the harvest date, marijuana buds begin to change color to purple. You’ll have excellent purple marijuana buds in the near future if you adhered to the guidelines in this article and ensured that the temperature is at the right level.

Tips to Keep in Mind

Growing marijuana buds outside is usually recommended as it is easier to control the climate and keep the temperature at the right level. Purple cannabis buds can, of course, be grown outdoors, however it can be a bit more challenging due to environmental factors.

The first step is to ensure that the soil is suitable to support the growth of your plant. There are many factors that can hinder the growth of your marijuana strains, such as using the wrong nutrients or cultivating in soil that’s not specifically designed to support it. Before you begin growing the plant, ensure that the soil is in good condition.

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