Oh, won't Facebook sell ads?

Beehive ExtractBeing viral on social networks is not easy. And doing it without any paid promotions is even more difficult. But, against all odds, Layne Schmerin has managed to create several viral cannabis-centric websites, using various artistic approaches to build natural viewers. It all started with Top Tree Company, a company that Layne started together with his older brother Jonathan Lepow. The advertising and advertising company supplies many industries, from clothing to restaurants, however, it has a strong concentrate in cannabis, CBD, hemp, Delta eight THC and different associated items. The group also works quite a bit in the music business. "Cannabis started. It is still a drug to me. When our brother Brandon got sick and eventually passed away from most cancers in the past, we saw how much this plant helped him and how absolutely disgusting and inhumane it is to have drugs. However, that can also help make it illegal, "Layne explains.

tobacco smoking In Layne's opinion, being a part of Top Tree's audience provides him with a competitive advantage. The rest just fit there. Jonathan Lepow, his business partner and brother, agrees. "Being able to come together and really be members of the cannabis community allowed us to connect with customers and colleagues from the cannabis manufacturers we work with," he says. "We had been able to 'MacGyver' in the perfect way that we could. First, we started by building our viewers with enjoyable content and a community," he adds. Much of what Layne knows about being cool and witty, he discovered working in the music business. For years, he worked with renowned artists such as Macklemore, Waka Flocka Flame, and Russ. "Traveling and touring with them made me take on the fly and run things in an atmosphere that I wasn't used to," Layne declares. But the businessman also gives credit to his colleagues.

"Nonetheless, I did take a look at cannabis as a medicine and how it helps me and the people around me. In a world where the phrase 'viral' can trigger COVID-19-associated PTSD, Layne and his group They have managed to increase their virality in the best way: on social networks. However, how did they achieve such a huge audience? "It is about our group. So as not to sound corny, it really is, "says Layne." We advertise to people to be part of our home. My brother and I have surrounded ourselves with the best of the best. Beyond a powerful group, for Layne, success is about authenticity. "Those who are here for the money, that's an easy question, they will never join their viewers, their prospects or their followers. They will always have dots connected. They can still find success, but it is not us and that is not what me. Get up pushed, "he says. "So our content material, our events, our all things, is what the audience wants, because we are the viewers and that is what we want!

His late brother, Brandon, had worked at Facebook and also with Barack Obama. However, the challenges remain. "Banking, service provider services, the cannabis taboo… If it weren't for these challenges, everyone could be doing it. As has been widely reported, Facebook and its platforms, including Instagram, are generally not particularly cannabis-friendly. the alternative. Cannabis brands are rarely able to advertise their products and many have faced account deletions, censorship, and more. So how did Layne and his team overcome these hurdles and build the great How many followers they've built? For Layne, it's all about Aggressive Edge of the company. Oh, Facebook won't promote ads. Okay, let's create our personal community and do our personal ads. Oh, can't we discuss selling herbs? It's about creativity. there is always a trade-off. Being authentic and building an organic community are generally not compatible with follower upload monetization. "We don't want to appear unnatural or focused on gross sales, but part of our mission statement is to create revenue to support our people and our cause, so we must," Layne explains. "We do it again by connecting and being honest. People, even people who smoke, are ironic, they are sensible. They know that now we have families to help, clients to help, and a huge function to push forward.

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