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Medical marijuana badges setThere is little variation in declared cannabis insurance policies and emphasis on application among Western nations, from those aiming at total cannabis abstinence (United States) to those with a broader goal of minimizing cannabis-related harm. cannabis (Netherlands). Australia has adopted coverage with a disadvantaged discount approach, and some Australian states have introduced immediate fines for cannabis-related misdemeanors. The 1990 Public Health and Alcohol Research Unit survey of drug use in New Zealand (Black & Casswell 1993) found that cannabis, especially in the form of marijuana, was the third most popular recreational drug in New Zealand, after alcohol and tobacco. No less than 43% of the population had tried it and 12% had been current users. It was by far the most widely used illicit drug. Under the New Zealand Drug Misuse Act (1975), it is illegal to domesticate, supply, possess or use cannabis. Enforcement measures include the detection and apprehension of suppliers and customers, and the eradication of crops. On-demand discount measures incorporate drug education programs for universities, initiated by voluntary organizations and by initiatives of the Ministry of Education.

However, in 1989 there were five people in New Zealand prisons whose main charge was the use or possession of cannabis. The pretrial diversion scheme for adult police officers, a discretionary scheme introduced nationwide in 1990, has made it possible for many first-time offenders with cannabis-related misdemeanor charges to bypass the courts and avoid criminalization. The majority of respondents supported the current application levels for for-profit large-scale provisioning. Many favored the much less punitive approach recently taken to cannabis use and personal possession. However, concern was expressed about the extent of police discretionary power under the Medicines Misuse Act and its potential for discriminatory use. Most people viewed the pre-trial diversion plan for adults for minor cannabis-related offenses very favorably. The advantages that have been discussed have been that it avoided a criminal record, the sanction could be formed to the needs of the person and more related to health messages, and it allowed to donate fines to native organizations in a reasonable way than leaving the group.

During his 12-month marketing campaign, he faced outraged anti-vaccine protesters and a disciplined new conservative candidate in Erin O'Toole. The scandals have also tarnished his popularity. During the 2019 marketing campaign, photos emerged of a young Trudeau with a black face and he was censored twice for ethics violations during his first term in office. Melanee Thomas, professor of political science at the University of Calgary. Apathy towards Trudeau in residence contrasts with his reputation on the world stage, where he still forges himself as a glamorous boss who inherited the former United States. The mantle of President Barack Obama as one of the most important progressive politicians in the world. Obama endorsed Trudeau last week, as he did in the 2019 election. Their friendship contrasts with a sometimes shaky relationship with former US President Donald Trump, who was once known as "Two-Faced" Trudeau after a video emerged that appeared to show Trudeau and different world leaders mocking him. Trump. Relations between Trudeau and incumbent President Joe Biden are very harmonious, despite the fact that Biden ignored Canada's objections and revoked a permit for the Keystone XL pipeline on his first day in office.

CALGARY, Alberta, Sept. 21 (Reuters) – Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau narrowly won re-election on Monday, but failed to secure a majority in parliament, after alienating some voters by calling an early vote two years earlier. during a fourth wave of the pandemic.. The prospect of another minority government, through which Trudeau's liberals will once again want the support of opposition parties to govern, raises questions about the way forward for a pioneer who came to power in 2015 promising "paths sunny, "however, he has struggled to deliver much of his formidable political promises. Trudeau, 49, took a chance with his call for snap elections two years ahead of schedule, betting that his handling of the pandemic and Canada's high vaccination rates would send him a stronger mandate to rule after the vote. of 2019 will leave him with a minority of authorities. That plan did not go exactly as expected. Trudeau said after his rival relented.

Trudeau will now have to negotiate his campaign guarantees, including Canadian $ 10-a-day childcare, billions for seniors' homes, and new climate-related investments, with the newly left Democrats whose votes can be asked for. move all laws. Gerald Baier, associate professor of political science at the College of British Columbia. Trudeau, a father of three, hails from Canadian political royalty. He took over a dilapidated liberal rally in 2013 and took power two years later in a wave of optimism, promising a bold move on issues alongside electoral reform, reducing greenhouse gas emissions and making some clean drinking water for all of Canada's Indian reserves. He has failed to deliver on these huge promises in his six years as prime minister, yet he introduced a national carbon pricing plan, welcomed25,000 Syrian refugees and made Canada the first Western nation to legalize recreational cannabis. He also received applause for presenting a gender-balanced cabinet when he took office in 2015 and spent billions to help Canadians overcome the pandemic.

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